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      Hi, welcome to Daylynn Designs!  My name is Rachel, and I am the founder and creative influence behind the business. I have a strong sense of fashion and design that I developed personally and professionally through my education and career.  I studied Art and Communications at Roanoke College, and found it to be the perfect balance of creative expression and business minded thinking. My involvement in the events industry began in the summer of 2013, when I helped to make weddings and events happen throughout Cape Cod.  I was exposed to many of the most prestigious venues and estates in the region early in my career.  After my first season, I knew I loved being a part of special events, and accepted a role in marketing for a seasoned events vendor in Boston.  I have been working in both events and styling ever since. At Daylynn Designs, I am committed to offering elevated style through impeccable design curation, organization and planning – for brands, couples and individuals across New England and select destinations.

      About Rachel
      Quality Dining

      It's all about the details. If a restaurant uses fresh ingredients, farm-to-table selections and provides a welcoming atmosphere, I am a happy camper. I prefer local establishments that focus on customer experience - from quality of wait staff to plate presentation. The little details are the ones that leave a lasting impression with me.


      I mainly stick to iPhone photography these days, for convenience, but I love to snap pics. I'll admit ... I'm an amateur ... but I've had experience with everything from shooting in black and white film, processing my own rolls in a black room, to creating fake "sci-fi" photos in Photoshop. If I'm feeling in a high quality kind of mood, I'll bring along my Canon.

      Sea Days

      Sea days bring me back to life when I'm feeling depleted. I happily take them served from the comforts of a boat, lounging on a beach towel. The consistent rhythm of the ocean waves calms me, and I have spent many hours by the shore since I was a kid. I lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains, for four years during college, but as soon as I got my diploma I returned to the ocean for good.


      This is probably more of a love than a like. I express myself through what I choose to wear each day. Over the years, I've seen a clear evolution of myself through the fashion choices that I've made. In the past couple of years, I've placed a large emphasis on shopping vintage, or from brands that use ethical and sustainable practices. In 2017, I helped to style and launch a clothing brand that was made in the USA using the finest sustainable textiles.


      I have been responsible for styling, and co-styling, dozens of photoshoots throughout my career. These photoshoots included: fashion campaigns, weddings, rehearsal dinners, Thanksgiving feasts and wedding showers. Several of the shoots I worked on were featured in online and print publications.

      Events + Marketing

      I have first-hand experience in planning, rental design and execution of events in the Cape Cod and Boston markets. My first experiences were as an intern for Be Our Guest, Inc., which progressed to my role as Marketing Director. During my time in this position I was responsible for planning PR events and relevant meetings with clientele. I also led and assisted in the design process of special events, photo shoots and brand development tasks.