This particular wedding shoot was designed with a sense of refinement as generic holiday elements were avoided, while keeping the winter spirit of snow and ice thoughtfully included. With a monochromatic depth of greenery and accents of unblemished white flowers the initial impression of simplicity speaks volumes.


      Upon closer inspection of the floral arrangements, different textures, shapes and cascades appear and the floral design of JNG Event Consulting becomes an easy talking point for wedding guests.  The juxtaposition of traditional architectural elements and natural wood tones, that have existed at the Dane Estate since 1891, with ultra modern design elements such as lucite and sparkling linens were a major styling inspiration in order to create an icy contrast.  The sparkling linens from Be Our Guest, Inc.  help to set the base for a strikingly sophisticated wedding look. The same sparkle we admire as icicles form and the first winter snow falls.


      Elements that warm the heart, while celebrating the frosty winter season, were also included throughout.  From candlelit table settings, specially designed name cards and whiskey spiked specialty drinks there was a commitment to the integration warmth for this wedding.  A much needed respite as the temperatures dip lower than we would ever like to acknowledge.  With beautiful invites by Wouldn’t It Be Lovely, glitzy table settings courtesy of Be Our Guest, Inc. and impeccable floral design by JNG Event Consulting wedding guests were sure to be impressed by this sophisticated sparkler.