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      I want to introduce Daylynn Designs with a full dose of gratitude!

      There are so many people in my life both personally and professionally that have helped support my desire to launch my own business. From former colleagues, to family and friends I am fortunate to have such a strong support system.

      You know those days where your doubt feels stronger than your ability for action? Well, I’ve wrestled with those days and doubts throughout journey of developing my business. Questions I never imagined asking myself … I started asking myself. Am I smart enough? (How dare I ask that?) Do I have the drive to get this started on my own? (Not, like I haven’t been proving this to myself and others since 1991 … ) Will I be okay if this fails? (DUH!) The overall process provided me with the most resounding answers of, “Yes, yes and yes!” But on the most uncertain of days, when I was in the trenches of pricing, planning and building I wondered and questioned everything I know to be true.

      Now, as I have finished the preparatory phase, I am so thrilled to say that my doubt has been trampled by action. I am presenting Daylynn Designs with a new level of confidence. I am opening the door to a business and brand that I have never been so confident will lead to to infinitely more things I will be grateful for.